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The basic idea behind an intervention begins with a desire by family, friends, pastors, employers, etc… to take an active role in assisting another person to change unacceptable or self-destructive behavior.  Intervention is the formalized process used to motivate change in another person.

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At Restorative Interventions we practice the ARISE Model of Intervention.  The ARISE Model;

  • Is an invitational model of intervention–Some forms of intervention utilize an “ambush” approach on the addicted individual. ARISE invites the person to the family meeting, and values their opinions as part of the process.

  • Utilizes the families resilience, strengths, and motivation for change to motivate the addicted loved one into treatment–By creating an intervention network,  isolation and secrecy along with blame, shame, and guilt are eliminated beginning an open and supportive movement in the family toward recovery and healing.

  • Is a three level family intervention process–This allows the intervention process to end with as little effort necessary.  This intervention model allows the family to respond only to the level of resistance that is necessary based on the resistance of the addicted loved one.

  • Focuses on healing and restoration of the entire family unit–We know that family education and healing is necessary for sustained change of all members of the intervention network.  This is furthered through the ARISE Continuum of Care  once the addicted loved one either enters treatment or refuses treatment altogether

  • Realizes that the family has been greatly affected by addiction.  The focus of the ARISE Model is for all members of the family to find the resources to begin to live life in a new way that enhances the quality and health of each individual no matter what the addicted chooses to do.

  • Is a process NOT an event.

  • Points to the highest level of success at motivating an addicted individual into treatment and the change process.

  • Restores the family!


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