Nothing changes until something changes. Help is available for your family!

We are a faith-based drug and alcohol intervention, education, and family restoration organization. We believe that through the resilience of the family by the leading of the Holy Spirit the intervention process can guide the family to effectively motivate a resistant loved one to enter into treatment. In addition, through this process we also provide education and support so that the family can find healing, restoration, and freedom from the bondage of addiction that has held them captive–often for generations!

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Did You Know

• 2 out of 3 families are affected by an addicted loved one
• Addiction is progressive and does not just go away
• Intervention coupled with long term, (faith based)treament points to the highest level of success for freedom from addiction
• Families have been affected by the addiction as much as, if not more than, their addicted loved one
• Addiction is a family issue.​
• There is hope!

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Meet Our Staff

Angie JakubowskiI, BS, CIP, CRS, CAI
Joel Jakubowski, BA, CADC, CIP, CRS, CAI

Angie Jakubowski: Founder/President of Restorative Interventions and lead interventionist.

Joel Jakubowski: Community educator/presenter and interventionist

Sherry Myers

Sherry Myers CRS, family care team and outreach specialist.

Tim Czaja, CADC, CAI


Tim Worrell, CAI


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